"Impact Player" Rule in IPL 2023: Explained

The IPL 2023 season will witness a new rule called the 'Impact Player' rule,

where each franchise can bring in an additional player, who can bat, bowl, or field, during a match.

This rule allows each team to virtually have 12 players in action instead of the standard 11.

While the 'Impact Player' can be an Indian or overseas player, an overseas player can only be used as an 'Impact Player'

if the team has fewer than four overseas players in the playing XI.

Captains can name four substitute players from which one can be called upon later.

The 'Impact Player' can be brought into the game before the start of the innings,

after an over is completed, at the fall of a wicket, or when a batter decides to retire.

However, the 'Impact Player' cannot be used as the captain of the team.

The franchises are still devising strategies to use the option tactically during matches, and the rule has generated huge anticipation.

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