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Salt Papi vs Anthony Taylor

Salt Papi vs Anthony Taylor 2023 – As per our reader’s demand and comments, we are publishing this article. If you want to know about the Salt Papi vs Anthony Taylor, continue reading and learn more.

Salt Papi vs Anthony Taylor

Salt Papi and Anthony Taylor are two boxers who fought against each other in a match on May 13, 2023. Anthony Taylor won the match by unanimous decision. The match was part of the Misfits Boxing 7 event held at the OVO Arena Wembley in London.

Salt Papi vs Anthony Taylor

Salt Papi vs Anthony Taylor – Overview

FightSalt Papi vs Anthony Taylor
DateMay 13, 2023
EventMisfits Boxing 7
VenueOVO Arena Wembley, London
ResultAnthony Taylor won by unanimous decision.
Weight ClassCruiserweight

What were the reactions to Salt Papi’s loss to Anthony Taylor?

Salt Papi’s loss to Anthony Taylor generated emotional reactions from both Salt Papi and his fans. Salt Papi was emotional after the fight and was interviewed by Radio Rahim. There are also videos on YouTube showing fans reacting to the fight. Anthony Taylor’s win over Salt Papi was highlighted in various news articles and reports.

What is the weight class for the Salt Papi vs Anthony Taylor fight?

The weight class for the Salt Papi vs Anthony Taylor fight was cruiserweight.

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