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How to Withdraw Money From ATM? Step-by-Step Guide

How to Withdraw Money From ATM? – As per our reader’s demand and comments, we are publishing this article. If you want to know about How to Withdraw Money From ATM?, continue reading and learn more.

How to Withdraw Money From ATM?

  • Step 1: Locate an ATM. You can find ATMs at banks, grocery stores, and other businesses.
  • Step 2: Insert your ATM card. Make sure to insert the card with the chip facing down.
  • Step 3: Enter your PIN. Be careful not to enter your PIN incorrectly, as this may lock your card.
  • Step 4: Select “Withdrawal.” You may also be able to select “Cash Withdrawal” or “Get Cash.”
  • Step 5: Enter the amount you want to withdraw. You can usually withdraw up to a certain amount, such as $200 or $500.
  • Step 6: Take your cash. The ATM will dispense the cash.
  • Step 7: Remove your card. Once you have your cash, you can remove your card from the ATM.
  • Step 8: Check your receipt. The ATM will print a receipt for your transaction.
How to Withdraw Money From ATM

Here are some additional tips for withdrawing money from an ATM:

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Choose an ATM that is well-lit and in a safe location.
  • If you are using a public ATM, be sure to cover your PIN when you enter it.
  • Check your receipt carefully to make sure the correct amount of money was withdrawn.
  • If you have any problems with your ATM transaction, contact your bank immediately.

Here are some of the most common ATM fees:

  • Withdrawal fee: This is a fee charged by the ATM owner for using their machine.
  • Network fee: This is a fee charged by the network that the ATM is part of.
  • ATM PIN entry fee: This is a fee charged for entering your PIN incorrectly.
  • ATM inactivity fee: This is a fee charged if you do not complete your transaction within a certain amount of time.

The amount of these fees can vary depending on the ATM, the network, and your bank. Be sure to check with your bank for more information about ATM fees.

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