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Findlaw Review 2023: Is Findlaw Worth it?

Findlaw Review 2023 – As per our reader’s demand and comments, we are publishing this article. If you want to know about the Findlaw Review 2023: Is Findlaw Worth it?, findlaw pros and cons, is findlaw reliable, findlaw scamming customers, findlaw wikipedia, continue reading and learn more.

Findlaw Review 2023

FindLaw is a platform that provides legal information and forms. It is not a service that will complete, review, or file forms for you, nor does it offer legal advice. Here are some reviews and ratings of FindLaw:

Findlaw Review

Findlaw Positive Reviews:

  • FindLaw is a reliable platform to confirm the legality of a person or firm.
  • FindLaw has provided a steady stream of potential clients to some law firms.
  • FindLaw has incredible brand recognition and the ability to sign new clients based on its name.

Findlaw Negative Reviews:

  • FindLaw’s Recommendation service, which collected reviews, is now retired.
  • FindLaw does not offer legal advice or complete, review, or file forms for you.
  • Some clients have reported difficulty cancelling their service.
Type of websiteLegal information website
OwnerThomson Reuters
AcquisitionThomson West (2001)
ContentCase law, state and federal statutes, lawyer directory, legal news and analysis, free legal dictionary, magazine called Writ
ServicesWebsite development and Internet advertising services for legal professionals
Other featuresLegal wiki called LawBrain

findlaw wikipedia

FindLaw is a business of Thomson Reuters that provides online legal information and online marketing services for law firms. It was created in 1995 by Stacy Stern, Martin Roscheisen, and Tim Stanley, and was acquired by Thomson West in 2001. is a free legal information website that helps consumers, small-business owners, students and legal professionals find answers to everyday legal questions and legal counsel when necessary. The site includes case law, state and federal statutes, a lawyer directory, and legal news and analysis. It also includes a free legal dictionary and magazine called Writ, whose contributors (mostly legal academics) argue, explain and debate legal matters of topical interest. FindLaw offers website development and Internet advertising services for legal professionals and extended members of the legal community through

Writ is a legal commentary website on the topic of the law of the United States hosted by FindLaw. The website is no longer adding content, having published its last entry in August 2011. Before then, Writ published at least one new column by one of its regular columnists every business day, and frequently posted a second column by a guest columnist. The regular columnists were all notable attorneys. Almost all contributors are law professors; some are former law clerks from the U.S. Writ also published occasional book reviews, on books of both legal and more general interest; the book reviewers were likewise academically inclined attorneys. Writ is free, and maintains all of its material from its inception in a free archive.

FindLaw also launched a legal wiki called LawBrain in 2009, which is a collection of editable articles on various legal issues that can be a good starting point for legal research. However, it is important to note that while Wikipedia can be a good starting point for legal research, it should not be relied on as a primary source of information.

Is Findlaw Worth it?

FindLaw is a legal marketing company that offers website creation services, directory listings, and other marketing tools for law firms. Here are some pros and cons of using FindLaw,

findlaw Pros:

  • FindLaw is a Premier Google Partner and Bing Partner.
  • FindLaw has provided a steady stream of potential clients to some law firms.
  • FindLaw’s informational material can be helpful.

findlaw Cons:

  • FindLaw’s websites are visually pleasing but not unique, following a standard format.
  • FindLaw’s websites may not be worth the cost.
  • FindLaw’s customer service can be poor.

Overall, whether FindLaw is worth it depends on the specific needs and goals of a law firm. Some firms have found success with FindLaw’s services, while others have had negative experiences. It may be helpful to read reviews and compare FindLaw to other legal marketing companies before making a decision.

is findlaw reliable?

FindLaw is a legal resource that has been in the business of helping law firms for over 100 years. It is a recognized name that law firms can trust and have trusted for a long time.

findlaw scamming customers

FindLaw is a legal marketing company that provides online legal services to lawyers and law firms. However, there are several reports of FindLaw scamming customers. 

  1. FindLaw has been accused of gaming Google and possibly scamming lawyer customers.
  2. According to a review on Best Company, FindLaw is a “complete and total scam” and did not provide the services promised.
  3. FindLaw has a Consumer Scams FAQ page on their website, which suggests that they have received complaints about scams.
  4. FindLaw also has an Online Scams page on their website, which provides information on how to avoid online scams.
  5. According to an article on Majux, FindLaw sells the exact same services to competitors, which makes it difficult for law firms to get ahead.

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