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Brook Smith Dodgers

Brook Smith Dodgers – As per our readers’ demand and comments, we are publishing this article. If you want to know about Brook Smith Dodgers, continue reading and learn more.

Brook Smith Dodgers

Brook Smith is a former Senior Editor at, a website dedicated to covering the Los Angeles Dodgers. She was placed on indefinite leave on July 26, 2023, after allegations of sexual misconduct were made against her.

Brook Smith Dodgers – Overview

NameBrook Smith
AffiliationFormer Senior Editor at
Current StatusPlaced on indefinite leave on July 26, 2023, after allegations of sexual misconduct
AllegationsMade on TikTok by a user named “sugaresque”
Allegations Details– Alleged sexual harassment in 2019
– Unsolicited sexual messages
– Alleged groping at a bar
Smith’s ResponseDenied the allegations, stating they were “completely false” ResponseTaking the allegations very seriously and conducting a thorough investigation
Leave of Absence StatusIndefinite
Impact on CareerRemoved from the website’s staff page
Larger ImpactSparked a conversation about sexual harassment in the sports media industry
Legal StatusNot charged with any crimes; considered innocent until proven guilty

The allegations were made on TikTok, where a user named “sugaresque” claimed that Smith had sexually harassed her in 2019. sugaresque said that she met Smith at a Dodgers game and that Smith later sent her unsolicited sexual messages. She also alleged that Smith had groped her at a bar.

Brook Smith Dodgers

Smith denied the allegations, saying that they were “completely false.” She said that she had never met sugaresque and that she had never sexually harassed anyone. has not released any further information about the allegations against Smith. However, they have said that they are “taking the allegations very seriously” and that they are “conducting a thorough investigation.”

Smith’s leave of absence is indefinite, meaning that it is unclear when or if she will return to The allegations against her have also led to her being removed from the website’s staff page.

The allegations against Smith have sparked a larger conversation about sexual harassment in the sports media industry. Several other women have come forward to accuse sportswriters of sexual misconduct in recent years. These allegations have led to calls for greater accountability and transparency in the sports media industry.

It is important to note that Smith has not been charged with any crimes and that she is innocent until proven guilty. However, the allegations against her are serious and they have had a significant impact on her career. It remains to be seen how the investigation into these allegations will play out and what the long-term consequences will be for Smith.

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